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20 September 2013 @ 01:10 pm

I am called JUSTIN.
I am from the Philippines.
I was born on October 14, 1992
My parents are both Filipino so I am a Filipino *i am not a thailander*

I do love Japanese music.
I love Hey! Say! JUMP and NEWS, they are my bias.
When it comes to Hey! Say! JUMP my bias is Kota Yabu
but if it is NEWS my bias is Keiichiro Koyama
Well to make it short I LOVE Johnny's Entertainment!
Also other Japanese Artists but i won't mention it because on this journal it will be filled with my thought, Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS and other JE groups.

Every video that I will post or download links will be coming from me or LJ users but do not worry about it I will give proper credits and I will link you to their journals. :)

Also I am so sorry if I don't always use screen caps I just don't want to spoil the things that you can see once you watch it and another reason is that I am too lazy to edit pictures so yeah. sorry ..

Also I would really appreciate if you send a message of who you are and where are you from or things like that..

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05 February 2014 @ 11:08 pm
Hey guys!
so for something new this is not about NEWS or my random stuff.  YAY!

It is about Hey! Say! JUMP!
well not all of them but just my favorite pair
Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome

I really like this song so I wanted to share it to you guys.
I know you already have this video or song on your ipod/iphone/laptop/mp3 player or whatever music player you use
but there's no harm on sharing it or maybe someone's also looking for this song

so here!


Tears and Smile

Lyrics : Yabu Kota
Music : Yaotome Hikaru

また次の約束 誓うよ
また次の約束 誓うよ


Chikamichi jyanaku tomawari de moii
Noroma de moii
Daijinano wa fumishimeru ippo
Toki no nagareni asetta sonotoki
Furikaeru to tashikana ashiato ga aru
Me no mae ni wa hirogaru sora
Kimi no namida de hanaga sodachi
Kimi no egao de hanaga saku
Soshite chiri iku sono hanabira ni
Mata tsugi no yaksoku chikauyo
Kimino namida de ame ga futte
Kimi no egao de harewataru
Orange ni somaru yuuyake ni
Mata tsugi no yakusoku
Kimi no namida de hanaga sodachi
Kimi no egao de hanaga saku
Soshite chiri iku sono hanabira ni
Mata tsugi no yaksoku chikauyo

English Translation

I’m fine with the long way instead of the shortcut
I’m fine being slow
What’s important is the first step
When you’re rushing in the passage of time
There’s a clear foot print looking back
Endless sky ahead
Flowers grow from your tears
Flowers bloom from your smile
Now, to the falling flower petals
To another promise, I vow
Rain falls from your tears
Fine weather crosses over from your smile
To the sunset tainted in orange
Another promise
Flowers grow from your tears
Flowers bloom from your smile
Now, to the falling flower petals
To another promise, I vow

*SORRY!! i don't know how to put it on lj cut or something to make it shorter.. >.<*

please tell me if there's a broken link or there is a problem with the video.
Sorry it's just 4shared.( I just arrive in japan so I'm still coping up with everything. I'll try to upload it on mediafire if i have the time)
I am so sorry if I don't always use screen caps I just don't want to spoil the things that you can see once you watch it and another reason is that I am too lazy to edit pictures so yeah. sorry
Lyrics translation from Google
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05 December 2013 @ 02:51 pm
Hello guys!
This would be my first time in reviewing a product *there's always first time for everything*
I really love buying beauty products, clothes etc even if it is online or a boutique.

Then I came across
Happy hauler's facebook page wherein
I got curious with their products specially Mildy AXillary cream.

I really hate my underarms! Why?
I have a dark underarms.

That's why I tried Pasjel.
Simply because those deodorant/ whitening products
that dermatologists gave me DOESN'T work!!
Luckily Pasjel Mildy works for me
*i'm so happy about it*
I don't need to use deodorant because it does work well for me.
My UA lightens.
The price is kind of expensive though for a 10 gram product but
I DON'T CARE because it really works for me!
IMG_3064 IMG_3062

This is the new packaging of Pasjel Mildy Smooth Axillary Cream.
There's a hologram sticker
Free from steroid mark

Instruction on the side of the container

Clearer instructions
*sorry for the blurred picture*
A better printing quality of the instructions and the contents.


This is the content.
The color is purple/ lavender *whatever*.
The smell is really nice. I like the previous one though.
The previous one has a stronger smell and a darker color.
It can also act as your deodorant.
The new version is paler in color, less in scent
and sometimes it can not act as your deodorant if you sweat a lot.
But they improved the new one for better results.

The new packaging also includes
a standardized bar code
manufacturing date and batch number on the box and the jar

On my first jar of Mildy I can really see the difference. My mom even notice it.
Right now I'm on my 2nd jar and I think I still need my 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on jars.. :)

So far I AM REALLY loving the product.

I also bought Tokyo Love Soap premium from
Happy hauler. I'll do a review when I have time :)

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27 September 2013 @ 11:11 pm
So first thing first is that I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management at one of the universities here in the Philippines.
I graduated last April 18, 2013.

So most of you guys know here in the Philippines you have to pass thesis first before  graduating.
Thank God I passed and I graduate on time.

after i graduate i do not have to worry about academics related stuff.
I kind of feel refreshed after graduating.
few weeks after I graduate my friend which is also my thesis mate
told us that our thesis adviser wants to pass our thesis to the "higher authority"

*i don't know what you call it. those people who research about stuff*

So we said "yeah. sure".
then after few days or after a week he told us to go to school so that he can explain what to do.
he told us that we have to revise our abstract,
we have to make it shorter. so we did made it shorter.
he said "this is OK!"

after i think 3 months my friend said that we have to get ready because if our thesis got approved we have to present it on November.
I do not really have any idea on why we still have to present it.

Then just this afternoon, September 27, 2013 at 5:38 PM. I received this message from our thesis adviser.


This is the file that he sent to us/me. *i do not know if he also send it to my thesis mates*

laidnc aio
*Sorry i removed the school's name and my group mates name*

Well I felt a bit of pressure because our panel/ judges won't be our professors anymore.
it would be like SUPER professionals when it comes to the field of research.
We have to impress them.
We have to prove them that our research (thesis) is important/ relevant.

We have to pass our revised abstract on October 7
BUT our adviser told us to pass it on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 so he can check it.
the problem is that we are working now. well they are working now.
as for me i am in our family business before going to Japan to study, so i can go with them anytime except of weekends.
i am really busy during weekends, specially Sunday.

I guess this would be a good opportunity for us.
I mean it would be one of our achievements in life, not just as a part of our college life.
Everyone needs to pass thesis but as for us it is like a new stepping stone or a
new opportunity to be recognized not just on our department but as well as in the field of research.

IF we pass, hopefully we will, our next step is the NATIONALS.
*Guys, if we pass this presentation,
our adviser will pass our thesis international.
BUT first we need to pass this first.
(get the approval of the panel for our thesis)*


It is really overwhelming. We are nervous at the same time excited about it.
even our adviser is overwhelmed by it.
To be chosen as one of the representatives for the Tourism Department is SO OVERWHELMING!!

it is like WOW.. we really worked hard for our thesis.
sleepless nights, little fights, non-stop reading and editing of papers.
It is really a blessing for us.
I still can't get over by the news i received i think it is not sinking yet on my mind.
just WOW.. i am happy but still the pressure.



**SORRY  I was supposed to post the PV of NEWS (old to present) but I just can't. i am still overwhelmed with the news that I received. I'll post it maybe tomorrow..:) **
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