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It is never over till it is over.

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Justin Madriaga's

Melvil Justin Madriaga , currently 19 years old
CrackerOctober 14 is my special day so celebrate with me..Crackerプレゼント^^
I'm everyone's: Justin, Ate, Jha, Jha-jha, Tin,Jus, Melvil, Friendship, Jhaz, Girlfriend, Kisses, Tin-tin, Tinay, Cha, Ninang Jas, loves..
hahaha whatever pleases you
but i prefer Justin I'm quite accustomed to it.
One of my best-hidden secret is how shaky my self-confidence is.(* ⌒ ∇ ⌒ *)
YES! I don't exhibit a great deal of self-confidence.
That's why my parents and teachers are greatly responsible for convincing me to get in to these and that.
My zodiac sign is LIBRA, the thing that kinda strikes me that "yeah I'm a LIBRAN!" is that I resent being treated UNFAIRLY.
In general, itseems my strength is only brought out by crisis.
This is when I'm at my most courageous.
I have an innate desire to help the unfortunates especially the persons closest to me.
Love LoveGentle
Love Lovefamily oriented
Love Loveeasy going
Love Lovefine
Love Lovesophisticated
I'm a quiet person.
My friends, classmates first impression that they had when they saw me is that I'm "SNOB"Huff.
YES!, i admit that i look that way but It's not my intention to scare them or don't make themtalk to me.
I'm a superb listener and instinctively know how to draw out another person. I'm more of a listener than a talker.
I love to listen to those person who wide open shares the story of their lives.
I have poor ability in expressing my anger.
I always write the name of someone i admire or i really like at the back of my notebook whenever i get bored in class..
I admire people with good attitude more than those who have good intelligence..
I find simple guys more attractive.
There's a Japanese group that I really like.
Hey! Say! JUMPExclamation markExclamation mark... i don't know my day won't be compete without watching their videos or know something new about them.
I'm an addict when it comes to HSJ.. (-^□^-)
I love them.
Want to know more about me?
Just add me:
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/justinmadriaga